Meet The Trainers


From her earliest days, Victoria has always had a furry companion by her side. Growing up surrounded by dogs, her childhood was filled with the joyful presence of these loyal creatures. As she entered adulthood, it was a boxer named Maggie who stole her heart and became her very first dog.

While pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and later achieving her Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Victoria’s life took an unexpected turn when Maggie was diagnosed with canine degenerative myopathy – an incurable disease. This heartbreaking moment sparked a new chapter in Victoria’s life, one that would be dedicated to learning how to provide the best possible care for her beloved companion.

Driven by her deep love and determination, Victoria embarked on a journey of education and discovery. She delved into the realms of nutrition, behavior, communication, and socialization, seeking to understand how she could enhance the lives of dogs, their families, and rescues. Attending various workshops and training courses, including the transformative Learn to Lead program with Cheri Wolf Lucas, Victoria honed her skills in assessing dog behavior and implementing effective techniques and strategies to foster healthy relationships between dogs and their human companions.

Victoria’s passion for helping dogs and their families has only grown stronger with time. She embraces every opportunity to expand her knowledge and expertise, constantly striving to make a positive impact in the lives of these incredible creatures.

Inspired by her beloved Maggie, Victoria started dedicating her time to volunteer at Boxer Haven Rescue. Today, she proudly serves as the Co-Director of the rescue organization. Additionally, Victoria actively collaborates with local rescues, humane societies, and pet stores to educate pet owners on effective communication, proper nutrition, and training techniques. Her goal is to help owners cultivate the most rewarding relationships with their furry companions.


Ever since Mel was 10 years old, she has been dedicated to caring for other people’s dogs. She would offer her services as a house sitter for her neighbors, who owned two lovely dogs: a senior greyhound and a charming cocker spaniel. Growing up with a dog of her own, Mel always enjoyed teaching her furry friend new and exciting tricks. It was this experience that sparked her passion to become a professional dog trainer.

As soon as she turned 18, Mel embarked on a quest to find a job that didn’t feel like work, but rather a true passion. She started by assisting with boarding and drop-in services for dogs until she discovered From the Heart Dog Services – a place that perfectly aligned with her love and dedication for dogs.

Day Train

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Training Camps

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From the Heart Boarding offers a safe place for all dogs, any age or size! Trainer Victoria lives onsite, she and her staff monitor your precious...

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Private Lessons

This option allows you and your pup one on one attention with one of our fantastic Trainers at From The Heart Training.

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