Loving Fosters

Hello there! My name is Victoria, and I am the proud owner of From The Heart Dog Services. Additionally, I am currently serving as the Co-Director of Boxer Haven Rescue. I have always been passionate about dogs and have had a soft spot for them since childhood. As an adult, I got my first dog, a boxer named Maggie, who completely stole my heart and made me fall in love with the breed. Maggie inspired me to start volunteering for Boxer Haven Rescue in 2019, and in November of 2021, I became the co-director of the rescue organization.

Since March 2020, my husband and I have fostered over 20 dogs. Fostering a dog requires a lot of dedication and effort, but it is incredibly rewarding. I am currently the proud owner of two boxers, Kaia and Finley, who bring joy to my life every day. If you are a dog lover and want to make a difference in the lives of these furry friends, I highly encourage you to check out Boxer Haven Rescue, volunteer, and maybe even foster a dog in need. It is an amazing experience to help these furry friends find their forever homes.

Lastly, I would like to share with you my gallery, which is full of beautiful boxers that have found their special place in my heart.

Day Train

Does your pup need a day away? Our Day Boarding is perfect! We offer 8 hour stays with playtime and walks. If your pup is dog friendly, they can...

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Training Camps

Living with the Trainer, the focus is on training your dog to curb unwanted behavior, while working on fundamentals. They work in a positive...

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From the Heart Boarding offers a safe place for all dogs, any age or size! Trainer Victoria lives onsite, she and her staff monitor your precious...

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Private Lessons

This option allows you and your pup one on one attention with one of our fantastic Trainers at From The Heart Training.

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